“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” Henry Ford


Give a Hand was our first LightBulb Teams programme and one that is close to our hearts.

For any company that is looking for a CSR team building experience, this is a great one to start off with. It’s hugely challenging and rewarding, while bringing groups together to work on one clear goal, building a prosthetic hand that will be delivered to recipients around the world!

We have had such positive feedback throughout the years upon completion of the team building experience – and we are very lucky that our clients have grown with us, completing both the Give a Hand programme and the Water Works team building experiences.

On our recent trip to New York for the Give a Hand experience we were told by one of our participants at Merck,

‘This was one of the best team building experiences I’ve ever done. So emotional and brought us together quickly to achieve the same goal of making a hand for someone in need. Thank you.’

Distribution of the prosthetic hands

As you can see, we have had a very busy September delivering to another Prosthetic Hand Distribution Clinic! The hands built by our clients have been making their way all over the world, changing lives in the process.  We want to take the opportunity to thank those who have taken part in the programme, including our session this month at the Merck event in Philadelphia, IMEX Las Vegas and PCMA in Vienna. It’s not just an activity, it’s making a real impact to those who need it most.

CSR team build | Prosthetic hand fulfilment | Lightbulb TeamsCSR team build | Prosthetic hands | Lightbulb TeamsCSR team build | Prosthetic hands in use | Lightbulb Teams

  • Have a look at where the hands have been received this month – what a fantastic achievement!


CSR team build | Prosthetic hand distribution map | Lightbulb Teams
Where in the world are prosthetic hands got delivered


The Give a Hand experience proves our attitude and our determination to tackle problems can make a positive, life-changing difference to the future of those less fortunate.

What’s involved in the CSR Team Build?

After a compelling keynote that we can co-create with you, in which we can integrate your company vision, aligned with your organisational goals, our team deliver self-build prosthetic hand kits to delegate tables. Participants are tasked with constructing a prosthetic hand from scratch that will be later fitted to a recipient, either child or adult, in a developing country that has lost a limb.

The CSR team build reinforces a sense of collaboration alongside a feeling of purpose and determination. With participants saying it’s something they will remember forever; it pulls at the heart strings and delivers immeasurable levels of emotional connection between team members. Our client at GSK came away from the day saying that,

‘This is the most impactful activity our team has ever done. Amazing cause.’

Once the hands have been built, enclosed with the team’s personal message to the recipient, they are distributed to people across the developing world changing their lives by giving them back the independence we take for granted. It allows them to feed themselves, write for themselves and transforms their ability to live a normal life all because your team have had the generosity, the commitment, and the ambition to change the life of someone they haven’t even met yet.

Contact Lightbulb Teams

If you haven’t built a hand yet, or a water filter, contact Lightbulb Teams – it’s a CSR team building experience you will never forget!

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