Give a Hand

A hugely challenging and rewarding team-building experience that proves our attitude and our determination to tackle problems can make a positive, life-changing difference to the future of those less fortunate.

How will the sessions run?

After a compelling keynote that we co-author with you, aligned with your organisational goals, our team deliver self build prosthetic hand kits to delegate tables. Participants are tasked with constructing a prosthetic hand from scratch that will be later fitted to a recipient, either child or adult, in a developing country that has lost a limb.

  • Instructions & equipment provided. Prosthetic Hand kits billed separately
  • Takes 30-60 minutes to build a prosthetic hand
  • Suitable for events of all sizes
  • The smaller the group, the bigger part role to play
Give a hand | Immersive Team Building | Lightbulb Teams
Give a hand | Staff Team Building | Lightbulb Teams

What will your team take away?

This activity brings legacy, purpose and impact alive in a real and tangible way.

  • The ability to face challenges head-on
  • Realisation of how fortunate they are
  • Reinforces a sense of team collaboration
  • Purpose and determination to overcome setbacks

What is the impact?

The ‘Give a Hand’ activity challenges your team, enforcing a sense of determination and collaboration. The feedback we have received from participants who have worked together to build the hands has been incredible. They have said that the impact from this experience is something they will remember forever.

Once the hands have been built, enclosed with your personal message to the recipient, they are distributed to people across the developing world changing their lives by giving them back the independence we take for granted. It allows them to feed themselves, write for themselves and transforms their ability to live a normal life all because your team have had the generosity, the commitment and the ambition to change the life of someone they haven’t even met yet.

Give a hand | Team Building experience | Prosthetic hands distribution | Lightbulb Teams
AZ GAH ICC | Give a hand team build experience | Lightbulb Teams

How will your team feel?

The Give a Hand programme will live on the minds of your team for many years to come. We’ve carried out this activity at events ranging from 15 leaders to 2000 delegates and the impact is always extraordinary. People will never forget the day at work they built a hand to change someone else’s life.

We believe that this is a fantastic programme for any organisation to run internally or externally at an upcoming event. The Give a Hand programme is an investment in your people and an investment in the recipients’ future.

Real Immersive Experience

This in the room team building activity is amazing. It is a real challenge that pulls at the heart strings and delivers immeasurable levels of emotional connection between team members.

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Feedback from our clients at RBS

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