Personality Profiling

This programme uncovers the strengths, weaknesses and communication styles of those in the room and has the ability to set a brand new standard for communication and collaboration in the business.

How will the sessions run?

Using a proven ‘in-the-room’ personality instrument, our experienced facilitator will show how to cut through the vein of your business and quickly ascertain the strengths and development opportunities for your team.

  • Instructions & equipment provided. Profiles billed seperately.
  • Delegates complete profile & establish their personality type. This is followed by a series of activities to represent the characteristics of 4 the personality types and how they may handle challenge in the workplace.
  • Suitable for events of all sizes.
  • This can be run as a session in and of itself, or equally is a great add on to other programmes we provide.
David Meade | Personality Profiling Event | Lightbulb Teams
Personality Profiling | Team exercise | Lightbulb Teams

What will your team take away?

With lessons on leadership, communication, conflict, and change, this programme creates a game changing ‘light bulb’ moment for employees.

  • A greater awareness of themselves and their colleagues.
  • Provides applicable skills to communicate more effectively with team members.
  • A fresh perspective as to what colleagues show up to work like on a good day and bad day.
  • How we can be more self aware of our own personality traits in the workplace and use our strengths to help others.

How will your team feel?

The Personality Profiling programme is an insightful method for understanding the personality types that make a diverse workplace. This session hones in on how we utilise the biggest company resource available and communicate more effectively.

This programme is a fascinating way for team members to understand themselves and their colleagues on a deeper level. The outcome is organisational collaboration and appreciation of those around us.

Personality Profiling delegates | Lightbulb Teams
Personality Profiling clients | Lightbulb Teams

Team development and deep dive

Clients use this programme to help their teams come together, understand each other in more detail and appreciate that each team member is unique. This can be a useful experience for teams who have experienced challenging times, are new to each other or are embarking on a new direction for their business. This is a powerful tool that helps people understand themselves as individuals and leaders.

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As with all programmes a thorough consultation process enables the exact content to be designed in collaboration with your event strategy and tailored to meet the participants' unique learning needs. Complete the form and one of our team will be in touch with more information.

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