Breaking News

An immersive and challenging activity that pushes delegates right to the edge of their comfort zone, where they'll work as a team to think big about their collective futures and the future of their organisation.

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How will the sessions run?

With a short time scale and an open brief that fits your event objectives, participants will need to produce a news report based 12 months in the future. The report will reflect on the successes they’ve collectively achieved, and how they brought them to fruition.

  • Instructions & equipment provided. Hire of recording equipment billed separately.
  • Delegates will need to storyboard, write, plan, direct, shoot, and edit the news report in the allocated time with the equipment provided. On average 60 minutes is adequate time to complete task.
  • Suitable for small – medium size events.
  • At the end of the session, all videos will be played to the entire group.
Breaking News | Company Team Build | Lightbulb Teams

What will your team take away?

This activity forces teams to set tangible stretch goals that they commit to on film, plan for implementation and identify what the key challenges might be.

  • Builds ambition and appetite for personal and professional growth.
  • Enables a growth in confidence.
  • A sense of achievement when the video is produced and played back.
  • The videos make wonderful follow up communications collateral for after the event to keep the learning alive.

How will your team feel?

The Breaking News programme will give you an insight into how creative your team can be, how their ambition grows, how much fun they have, and how good the videos are on completion.

This programme is perfect for aligning company vision, breaking down silos and giving participants an opportunity to loosen up and have some fun together.

Breaking News | Company Team Activity | Lightbulb Teams

Lights, Camera, Action

You will hear, first hand how employees view the future of the business and their ideas on how to get there. Structured correctly with the help of our team you’ll shift the focus of your people through this completely interactive fully immersive event.

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As with all programmes a thorough consultation process enables the exact content to be designed in collaboration with your event strategy and tailored to meet the participants' unique learning needs. Complete the form and one of our team will be in touch with more information.

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