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We create programmes that educate, engage and inspire.

Lightbulb embodies a dynamic and multifaceted brand personality, seamlessly transitioning between fun and energetic to serious and impactful, all while maintaining a high level of professionalism and a dedication to delivering exceptional, value-driven sessions.

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The Lightbulb Teams team!

With over a decade of facilitation experience and years of business psychology research on high performing teams our team building programmes are created to get the very best from every participant.

As professional event designers we ensure our programmes include collaboration, immersive learning and actionable tools and techniques that can be applied straight away.

Creating event solutions for our clients starts with scoping to help identify the aims and objectives of what they want to achieve, we always look to add value and support them fully to achieve their very best.

Our services include keynotes, team building programmes, event hosting and facilitation and our models operate to suit your working arrangements whether it be in-person, hybrid or remote.

You’ll work directly with our team throughout your project, we’ll be with you every step of the way from brief to go live with as much hands on involvement as you require.

Lightbulb Teams
Lightbulb Teams on location in North America

We’ll help you empower your people, your teams and your organisation. We’ll adapt to suit your event delivery preference, we’ve delivered hundreds of in-person, hybrid and remote events for clients from across the globe.

Lightbulb is not just about team building; it’s about creating purposeful change. We continue to grow, providing a range of corporate team-building activities that have social responsibility at their core.

We work across a range of industries and sectors, equipping and educating teams from some of the world’s leading brands. Our sessions create a meaningful and lasting impact, not only within organisations but in the lives of those who need it most.

We build authentic and deep connections within teams. Our focus is on making a real difference; each of our programmes have been designed to inspire change in the lives of individuals and communities, globally.

We are constantly evolving, delivering transformative sessions that are founded in research but presented in fun and inspiring ways.

At Lightbulb, we create experiences that leave a legacy and bring lasting transformation.

Our Values

Team Excellence

At Lightbulb we are committed to building strong and successful teams. We create exceptional experiences, working closely with our clients to design bespoke sessions, helping them break down barriers, have fun and achieve their specific event goals.

Purpose Driven

Aligned with our clear purpose, we are dedicated to delivering excellence in all we do and committed to creating meaningful change through immersive team- building experiences. Our CSR-focused activities drive change and create powerful impact.

Legacy Building

Our programmes have been developed to create a lasting legacy. We are committed to partnering with organisations, designing transformative events to drive positive change and impact the lives of those in need, all over the world.

Change Makers

As a catalyst for positive change, our brand values reflect our commitment to inspiring transformation within individuals, businesses, and communities, driving them to make a meaningful difference.

Investment in Growth

Our reach extends beyond immediate interactions, as we invest in the growth of our team, clients, and the broader community, we strive to make a positive impact on a global scale. At the core, Lightbulb is dedicated to improving lives in a measurable way.

Pioneering Innovation

We strive to make a lasting impact by delivering innovative team building sessions. Our values reflect our dedication to our continued growth, ensuring our programmes remain relevant and effective in having a lasting impact in the corporate sphere. We are always considering the beneficiaries of our programmes, ensuring they are given the highest quality and most sustainable products.

The Lightbulb Team

We’re a growing team of passionate experts — full of personality minus the ego.

We’re the wearer of many hats dedicated to helping inspire and educate through our immersive team building experiences. We collaborate with companies helping to change the lives of those less fortunate across the world.

Claire Walker

Operations Director
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Sarah Doran

Business Manager
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Chloe Hanna

Growth and Operations Lead
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Gary Strain

Client Success Manager
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Aaron Butler

Chief Creative Officer
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Kathy Hanna

Associate Director of Wellbeing
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Lightbulb Facilitators

Lightbulb Teams have a range of highly skilled facilitators, who have worked with us throughout the years, and trained by David.

The Lightbulb Facilitators each have their own personal approach and ability to guide your team building experience. Each one brings with them a wealth of experience from various industries including travel, law, and customer relations.

Choose from one of the below facilitators, whether you are looking for someone ‘fun’ and ‘engaging’ or ‘thought provoking’ and ‘leadership focused.’ We can help co-author your event in line with your strategy and goals to make your team building session an unforgettable experience.

Eithne Kinsella

Lightbulb Teams Facilitator
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Fiona Coulter

Lightbulb Teams Facilitator
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Sinéad Lunny

Lightbulb Teams Facilitator
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Denise Lord

Lightbulb Teams Facilitator
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Aaron Butler

Lightbulb Teams Facilitator
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Our programmes move with you. Our team are ready to hear more about your event and find the perfect activities to create unforgettable group experiences.

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