Our Purpose


At Lightbulb, we have a clear purpose: to create meaningful change in the world by delivering impactful team building experiences.

Our CSR-focused, immersive team building events are delivered worldwide with powerful impact that extends beyond the boardroom.

We offer programmes that are designed to educate and inspire your people, changing lives, one session at a time.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a meaningful difference in the world, one fun team building activity at a time.

We empower individuals to connect to our global society, enabling organisations to drive positive change.

Through immersive, interactive team-building experiences, we inspire your people to discover their potential, having a lasting impact on team performance, and on the lives of people in need.

We are committed to delivering sustainable change. Our sessions are high-energy, challenging and engaging. Drawing inspiration from real-world challenges, your teams will be impacted during the session and for years to come.

Our Vision

We envision a world where companies with a shared sense of social responsibility engage in transformative events, empowering their teams and creating meaningful impact on a global scale.

At Lightbulb, we are trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands to educate and inspire their people. We are driven by our desire to reach more communities across the world.

Our sessions are fun, engaging and educative, we are continuously developing our team building sessions, ensuring they are in line with your business needs.

We want to grow; to expand the number of organisations we partner with, to increase the number of annual events we facilitate and to extend the impact that we have.

Our vision is to provide widespread change and empowerment to those inneed.

Brand Values

Team Excellence

At Lightbulb we are committed to building strong and successful teams. We create exceptional experiences, working closely with our clients to design bespoke sessions, helping them break down barriers, have fun and achieve their specific event goals.

Purpose Driven

Aligned with our clear purpose, we are dedicated to delivering excellence in all we do and committed to creating meaningful change through immersive team-building experiences. Our CSR-focused activities drive change and create powerful impact.

Legacy Building

Our programmes have been developed to create a lasting legacy. We are committed to partnering with organisations, designing transformative events to drive positive change and impact the lives of those in need, all over the world.

Change Makers

As a catalyst for positive change, our brand values reflect our commitment to inspiring transformation within individuals, businesses, and communities, driving them to make a meaningful difference.

Investment in Growth

Our reach extends beyond immediate interactions, as we invest in the growth of our team, clients, and the broader community, we strive to make a positive impact on a global scale.At the core, Lightbulb is dedicated to improving lives in a measurable way.

Pioneering Innovation

We strive to make a lasting impact by delivering innovative team building sessions. Our values reflect our dedication to our continued growth, ensuring our programmes remain relevant and effective in having a lasting impact in the corporate sphere. We are always considering the beneficiaries of our programmes, ensuring they are given the highest quality and most sustainable products.

Ready where you are

Our programmes move with you. Our team are ready to hear more about your event and find the perfect activities to create unforgettable group experiences.

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