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Inspire your people, impact lives.

At Lightbulb, we have a clear purpose: to create meaningful change in the world by delivering impactful team building experiences.

Our CSR-focused, immersive team building events are delivered worldwide with powerful impact that extends beyond the boardroom.

We offer programmes that are designed to educate and inspire your people, changing lives, one session at a time.

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Our mission is to create a meaningful difference in the world, one fun team building activity at a time.

We empower individuals to connect to our global society, enabling organisations to drive positive change.

Through immersive, interactive team-building experiences, we inspire your people to discover their potential, having a lasting impact on team performance, and on the lives of people in need.

We are committed to delivering sustainable change. Our sessions are high-energy, challenging and engaging. Drawing inspiration from real-world challenges, your teams will be impacted during the session and for years to come.

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Give a Hand


This is our hugely challenging and rewarding flagship programme that culminates with your teams building prosthetic hands that are donated to countless amputees around the world.

  • An in the room experience, suitable for all event sizes
  • Aligned with organisational strategic goals
  • Like nothing your delegates will have experienced before
  • An event with lasting legacy and purpose
Give a Hand
Give a hand programme | Corporate team building | Lightbulb Teams
Water works



WaterWorks is a powerful, memorable and life changing team building experience. An opportunity to literally change the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in the world.

  • An unforgettable team building session
  • A purpose driven task
  • Builds team connection in a meaningful way
  • Opens up communication between your people

Toy for Life


The Toy for Life team building programme brings teams together to provide a fun, anchoring experience. For most of our recipients, the toy your team create will be the first they’ve ever owned.

Meaningful team collaboration
Reinforces a sense of ownership and determination as they focus on the end goal
An unforgettable experience that will resonate with your team

Toy for Life
Toy for life
Breaking News | Lightbulb Teams

Breaking News


This programme is perfect for aligning company vision, breaking down silos and giving participants an opportunity to map their future ideas and have some fun together.

  • A fully delegate driven experience
  • Builds ambition and appetite for personal and professional growth
  • Sharing and listening forum for the business
Breaking News

Virtual Mosaic


This team building activity is a powerful collaborative process like nothing else in the world. Using a unique software program, participants actually produce an individual art tile that is uploaded to create one large mosaic, in real time.

  • A fully collaborative delegate experience
  • Designed to reflect your company message
  • Collective team memory
  • An agendaless, anchoring, well being experience
Virtual Mosaic
Virtual Mosaic
The big picture

The Big Picture


To test team resilience and communication, an image is created that captures the spirit of your organisational values which is pixelated into individual squares that participants decorate and place together before seeing or knowing the original image.

  • In person event with equal contribution required
  • Collective art display
  • Purpose and values brought to life
  • Reflective and thought-provoking experience
The Big Picture

Custom build a programme

Here at Lightbulb we understand that it's not one size fits all. We are here to listen to your ideas and come up with some of our own. Together we create content that inspires through immersive activities with plenty of business takeaways.

With more than ten years event creation expertise we'll support your event planning ideas and help you transform them into a reality.

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We love working with organisations from all industries, no matter how big or small. Find out more about who we’ve been working with and what our clients make of their Lightbulb experience at their events.

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