The Big Picture

A creative and fun programme that allows participants to use their own artistic licence whilst working together to produce a collective masterpiece that visually represents the spirit of your organisations’ values and core purpose.

How will the sessions run?

We work with you and our artists to create a beautiful image that resonates with the theme of your event or company strapline. This large image is then pixelated into individual 4×4 square tiles and numbered. During the programme, participants are randomly given a selection of these tiles and are challenged to recreate that particular image without ever seeing or knowing the overall image.

  • Instructions & equipment provided. Design costs & materials billed separately.
  • Takes 30-45 minutes. Additional activities can be added to this session for participants to win the tools to complete artwork.
  • Suitable for events of all sizes.
  • As teams bring their tiles to the stage and attach their pieces next to others on a large canvas, the image begins to take form.
The Big Picture | Programme Example | Lightbulb Teams
The Big Picture | Programme Delegate | Lightbulb Teams

What will your team take away?

This activity reinforces the significance of individual effort contributing to the success of the organisation as a whole.

  • The opportunity to put their own ‘stamp’ on the business.
  • Enhances problem solving and resilience skills.
  • A sense of pride in what can be achieved as a collective.
  • A visual representation of team work to be displayed at Head Office.

How will your team feel?

The Big Picture programme creates a buzz in the conference room like no other. Teams are running around, using tools to make their tiles come alive and are motivated to work together to achieve something visually fantastic to showcase their company vision.

This is the ideal programme to run if you need to inject energy and enthusiasm into your event.

The Big Picture | Team Building Audience | Lightbulb Teams

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As with all programmes a thorough consultation process enables the exact content to be designed in collaboration with your event strategy and tailored to meet the participants' unique learning needs. Complete the form and one of our team will be in touch with more information.

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