With Michael Bublé defrosting, its beginning to look a lot like who’s organising the End of Year Party…


With Winter just around the corner we have been looking at booking our own Team Festive Party and it got us thinking, how are businesses going to do it this year, with hybrid working still very much in place in many businesses?

It may not seem like it, as traffic has certainly gone back to normal but over 78% of businesses are now offering hybrid working and why not?

With statistics showing that 69% of employers have seen an improved work-life balance for employees, 36% seeing an increase in employee wellbeing and 19% saying that they believe there has been better collaboration in work relationships, hybrid is here to stay. I don’t know about you but being able to stick the washing machine on at lunchtime, running a quick errand or just being home at 5pm to see the kids makes life so much easier.

On the flip side, its lovely to have the option to get into the office and bounce a few ideas off each other, overhear a call that relates to something you are working on or even just have a moan to Sandra from Accounts about who left that out-of-date ready meal in the office fridge.

There’s no denying hybrid is a fantastic way for employers to get the best productivity out of employees and for employees to have a better work-life balance. Since 2020 we have been tailoring Online Christmas Parties for our clients and this year there has been more bookings than ever.


Imagine a Live TV Gameshow written around your team, where they are the star.

Imagine celebrity guests like Jensen Button, Lily Allen, David Hasselhoff, and Lindsay Lohan joining your team – yes, really!

Your team will laugh from start to finish, and even enjoy a boogie when we bring on our musical guests Live from New York City to take their requests and send your people into Christmas buzzing like never before.

We can work with you to tailor a Corporate Winter Party that incorporates your company’s mission, values, and vision for 2023.

Let us bring the entertainment to you as David hosts the virtual interactive party for all the team including games and tricks as well as dancing and singing.

We understand that the working environment has changed, and it now suits people to be at home on certain days, while others prefer to get in and see everyone! We are here to make the whole team feel comfortable and included whatever way they prefer to work. We are delighted to bring the entertainment to each person for some good fun, recognition, and team bonding!

We promise you will be the most popular person in the office, although the only thing we can’t guarantee is that after you’ve organised this amazing extravaganza you might be nominated next year!

Let us help bring the whole team together by hosting your online company Winter Party, for some light-hearted interactive fun for those working remotely and, in the office, all without that awkward Monday morning fear….

Get in touch today, as we’re already have roughly half of our capacity booked: ? info@davidmeade.co.uk

See the trailer for our Virtual Winter Party!!

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