PwC Tax Below Manager Conference


Held in the luxurious Clontarf Castle, Dublin, PwC’s Tax Below Manager Conference gathered together some of the company’s emergent leaders to help connect them with the professional skills needed to accelerate their careers far into the future.

David, who has worked consistently with the company over the past decade helping to deliver on various events, was delighted to be asked to deliver the keynote and Give A Hand workshop at this exciting conference.

The session explored the psychological and neurological tools that leaders need to navigate change in their business, to build strong and resilient cultures, to create spaces where teams can feel meaningfully connected and where they can show up and be their most authentic selves at work. David also used the session to look at the psychology of influence and how it can be used to make sure that individual voices are heard in the workplace and with stakeholders both internally and externally.

David’s session culminated with him delivering the Lightbulb Team’s Give A Hand programme, where teams all get together to build life-changing prosthetic hands that will be donated in PwC’s name to organisations all across the world.

The activity itself is a huge challenge and required the participants to work together to build these devices that will be used by patients in countries including India, Uganda, Cambodia and Vietnam for many years to come. The teams excelled at the challenge, building 54 kits that will give the recipients the independence to do the things that so many of us take for granted.

This future-focused activity was a perfect way to close the event as it involves building a clear legacy and demonstrates how powerful even the smallest of actions can be. The audience was left with a reminder of the impact that their daily activities can have – not only in their organisation and own lives but for strangers all across the world.


  • David said: “PwC are a fantastic company to work with. They’ve been very supportive of me and I’m incredibly grateful for the long and strategic relationship we have built up over the years. It’s always a real pleasure to be asked to speak at one of their events and this one was no different. I very much look forward to working with them again soon.” 


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