Lightbulb Teams visit Uganda


The Lightbulb team travelled the length and breadth of Uganda delivering lifesaving water filters built by our incredible clients, as part of our Water Works activity.

We left Dublin airport feeling slightly nervous but mainly excited to meet the recipients of those receiving the water filters as part of the Water Works programme. While there we also had the opportunity to visit a school and donate the classic wooden toys from our brand new Toy for Life activity!

Donating the water filters

Touchdown in Uganda, we commenced the 10-hour journey to Arua, feeling tired and unsure as to what lay ahead. Once we got to the first camp and were able to give out over 80 clean water filters each day, we were overwhelmed with gratitude for our amazing clients, who have helped build the water filters. We simply could not do this without you and a special thanks to our wonderful friends at LinkedIn and Merck, who took part in building the filters ahead of our trip.

We were blown away by the recipients faith, kindness, resilience and passion for their families and the community. Many families have suffered illnesses including typhoid, cholera and even loss of life from stagnant puddles in which they take the water to drink and cook with.

Seeing the extent of this drove home to us how easily this can be avoided by providing clean water filters! Our clients build, make, create and construct these vital clean water filters that change the lives of those they haven’t even met yet.

Toy for Life programme

During the trip the team visited a school in which we were able to deliver beautiful wooden toys, built by our fantastic clients, as part of our new Toy for Life programme. It was exciting for us to see the children play with the toys, while the team also got to act like big kids too! These refugee children have fled Congo, Somalia, and many other destinations to make Uganda their home.

In 15 days we racked up over 80 hours travelling thousands of miles in the back of a 4×4 across this beautiful country.  Along the way we were in touching distance of elephants, hippos, giraffes, and even a leopard!



Thank you to our clients

The reason for the trip was never far from our thoughts. We will never forget our time there and the amazing people we met along the way. It’s only made the team more focused on providing you with fantastic team building programmes that will help change more lives across the world. We cannot thank our clients enough for all their support and the tremendous work they have done in helping those less fortunate. You have made all of this possible through Lightbulb Teams.

If you are considering a team building day, try one of our programmes. We guarantee any of our programmes will live on in your minds forever, in comparison to who won at the bowling alley or the paint ball park.

If you would like to inspire your team with any of our programmes, get in touch and change the lives of countless needy individuals across the globe.

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