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We have been so excited to get back to travelling again as part of our LightBulb Teams team building experiences! With our amazing clients all over the world we love to collaborate with you to create a better future for people we haven’t even met yet.

We asked the gang where their favourite place to travel to is and a travel tip they swear by…

The most well-travelled of us, David gets a buzz from not being in any country for too long! As difficult as it was to choose one place, David hosted an event in Colorado a few years ago and said he could walk, cycle or run for miles around the beautiful mountain towns, which are so spectacular, it’s like looking at a postcard. One to add to the bucket list!

His top travel tip is putting his carry-on bag packed with all the essentials, beside the front door and ready to grab in the morning…I mean, surely you wouldn’t walk past it?

After living in Spain for a few years, Sarah realised home is where the heart is, especially with her gorgeous little girl and hubby. Our favourite homebird, Sarah loves nothing more than a trip down to the Larchfield Estate or a walk around the gardens in Hillsborough Castle.

Queen of organisation, Sarah always makes sure to prepare, prepare, prepare!! She advises us to check your flight times, check in online and always charge your phone!

Disney and Marvel fanatic, Aaron enjoys going to Florida every year and was absolutely delighted when he found out the annual LightBulb Teams trip was there this year. If you are ever thinking of heading over to Florida, Aaron is your go to for advice on all things theme park related.

Top travel tip? Headphones and sunglasses…sure what else would you need!

A bit of a romantic, Natalie loves everything about Italy and was gutted when she had to miss out on a work event in Sorrento. Falling into a carb filled food coma or people watching over a coffee in one of the gorgeous piazza’s, Natalie likes to get over and pretend she’s half Italian.

A hard lesson to learn, but in a rush to catch an early flight to London for a meeting, Natalie pulled on a pair of shoes, only to realise standing in the queue for boarding, they were different pairs. Her advice would be to always put the light on when getting ready. That’s kind of a given, Nat!

Like most women, our girly and glam Claire W loves nothing more than a spa weekend! Whether its Galgorm, Lough Erne, or further afield, as long as there’s a massage booked in and a delicious gourmet meal that evening, what more could you ask for?

No stranger to long haul flights with the LightBulb Team, Claire advises ear plugs and a travel pillow; you will want to be as comfortable as possible!

Claire B has travelled over to Boston for a few sales events and cannot get enough of it! She described it as the city that has everything a girl could want – its steeped in history, small enough to walk around, and of course it’s amazing for shopping! Claire says it’s a beautiful location during any season and has a great vibe, perfect for all you hipsters out there.

Sales Manager extraordinaire, Claire is also the office recycling queen, so her travel tip makes complete sense. Remember those re-usable items that save you time and money? Bring a wash bag you can use and re-use again..

Life is better in flip flops! Laidback and surfer chick Chloe lived in the beautiful city of Brisbane, not far from the cool surfer towns situated along the glorious Gold Coast. Sun, sea, surfing and the chilled way of life, what is there not to like?

We’ve all been there, that moment your heart drops as you hopelessly hunt for your passport. It’s at the bottom of your bag, right? Chloe makes sure she has all the essentials packed in her handbag including her passport, travel insurance, and important directions.

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