LightBulb Teams?Our favourite Marketing Trends 2022 ?


At LightBulb we like to keep up with the current marketing trends and learn new ways to promote our team building experiences. We want to continue to work with you to create worthwhile and fulfilling activities that help people we haven’t even met yet.

We use online and offline marketing tools to help new customers understand the team building experiences we have to offer, and show how we deliver the prosthetic hands and clean water filters, built by our clients, as part of our Give a Hand and Water Works programmes, to developing countries.

With digital marketing trends constantly evolving, particularly after Covid, we’ve put together certified marketing trends that have helped us create brand awareness and sales. However, in a world that has increased digitalisation and automation of interactions between businesses and customers we pride ourselves on keeping connected to real customer needs.

1.    World Class Customer Experience

We take pride in the fact that our clients repeatedly book our team building experiences and have become as invested as us in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) within their company.

Marketing has changed from trying to convince people to buy the product or experience and instead it’s about creating a fantastic customer experience that will entice people to come back for more.

When we go to book a hotel, we immediately check TripAdvisor, or we pop onto Instagram to see which restaurant our favourite influencer recommends before we book a table. Over 80% of new customers say that they are influenced by reviews from people who have tested the product or experience and upon hearing their opinion they are more likely to consider buying.

We ask our clients for feedback once we have hosted an event. While we could talk about the team building experiences all day its great to speak to people who have actually spent time building a hand or water filter and hearing how they felt about the experience. This is far more beneficial to new customers as using client testimonials on our online platforms gives a real insight into how fun, interactive, educational and life-changing our team building activities are!

2.    Employee activation

Our employees are the face of the brand. From our Operations team to Marketing and Sales, at least one of us will be in attendance to the team building events. We enjoy getting to know our clients as well as truly caring about our role within the team. All of us at LightBulb Team are passionate about what we do, and a few of us were lucky to recently visit Uganda and able to see firsthand the impact our clients are making to people who need it the most. When you love your job as much as we do, you are essentially a walking billboard for that company!

Did you know that once your employees are fully trained, have permission to post content on their social media and elsewhere about your company’s culture and services this is worth its weight in gold. Leads that your employees generate through social media marketing posts are seven times more likely to convert than leads you generate through other channels. In addition, content that they share will enjoy eight times more engagement than content that you share on your official online channels.

Happy staff, happy life!

3.    Story- Driven Content Visualisation

While voice search will influence the way we create content soon, visual content remains at the forefront of marketing, just look at Instagram to see proof of this.

·      People are 85% more likely to buy your product after watching a video about it.

·      93% of communication is visual. Visuals attract not only our attention but also our attitude!

·      Did you know our brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text?

Visuals are easier to remember than written content. Adding infographics, images, and videos to text not only makes it more interesting, but it can also help your message to be absorbed better.

Particularly with our team building experiences we know that images, and videos help us show our clients and new customers the process of how the team building activity works, whether it be Give a Hand or Water Works. An image, reel or video captures the emotions of our clients and recipients, from the fun aspect of team building at the event to seeing the faces of the people we have helped and the greater impact the team building has on not only your company but on those whose lives you have saved.

4.    Video Marketing

Cisco have found that video will account for 82% of all online traffic by the end of 2022. We know that 84% of consumers have been convinced to purchase after watching a video.

We love a video or reel! We have been able to produce videos and take you on a journey through our latest trip to Uganda. It’s been amazing to show you footage of us visiting schools and delivering water filters to recipients, that our clients had built only a few weeks earlier. To be able to show the full evolution of the team building experiences in a few short minutes helps us to give our clients and new clients a powerful and impactful insight into what we do, as well as putting a face to those who receive the filters and hands.

5.    Loyal customers

Our loyal clients are invaluable to us. We are very lucky to retain our clients and in doing so they come on the journey with us, and feel a connection to the team building experiences they complete.

We believe we are an extension of the businesses we collaborate with and feel we have built great relationships with our clients, which we consider our friends.

Loyal customers become advocates to your company increasing reputation and brand awareness. Marketing trends come and go but word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool that is here to stay!

We are constantly looking at upcoming platforms and ways to promote LightBulb Teams and we are excited to try the below marketing trends in the future….

6.    Voice Search

Something for marketeers to look for in future trends, consumers are expecting to use voice search more soon, with 61% of 25–64-year-olds already using a voice device.

Even if your brand, like ours, hasn’t thought much about smart speaker advertising, it’s important that your content is optimised for voice search. Voice searchers use longer, more conversational queries, so slanting content as well as answering questions directly, can help to make it more visible to voice searches. This has the bonus of making your content more likely to be picked up as a featured snippet.

We are excited to ad this to our future marketing strategy!

7.    Live video

With LIVE video becoming increasingly popular and people spending over three times longer watching LIVE videos than they do watching a pre-recorded video we understand this is something we need to corporate into our marketing strategy.

While we do try to go LIVE on our social media sites when we are travelling and at events, you know as well as we do it’s not always that easy. LIVE videos grab the attention of viewers and can contain information that the consumer may not always get anywhere else, so you may be the first to find out some new and exciting news!

We hope you got some takeaways on the marketing trends we are currently using and will use in the future. As with our brand, marketing is also constantly evolving, and we love to learn and keep up to date with new and future trends.

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