Leading By Example At The Canon People Leaders Event ?


David was delighted to attend the recent Canon People Leaders event in London.

The event brought together all of the people leaders from across the UK and beyond who are charged with the job of inspiring the team who make Canon tick. It gathered their HR Directors, people managers and everyone whose job it is to get the best results out those working across the business.

It was a high-energy session, designed to empower and drive future results by investing in the team. Collaboration was a key theme of the event – making sure that Canon is aligned as a high performing organisation and as a true market leader in what they do.

With some of their most senior leadership team present the company were considering the ways they can support their people through growth, how they can develop them and make sure that they are being a service and customer-centric organisation. It was also to ensure they are equipped to deal with the uncertainty that we’re in right now and the many changes that might be coming in the future.

Having first worked with Canon back in 2018, and for every year since, David has got to know the company and its people well, joining them at events all across the UK.

At the People Leaders event David delivered both the keynote and a team build. In his keynote he looked at the characteristics of extraordinary performance in challenging times, how to make and take great decisions and how to influence the people around us. He also used the session to look at individuals across the world who have achieved extraordinary things, even in the most difficult of circumstances and how that growth mindset can be used as a tool to run towards our challenges.

To emphasis the theme of triumph in the face of adversity David led the team as they took part in our Waterworks Programme, building water filters that protect, nurture and save sight and lives for people all across the world.

The majority of these water filters end up going to Uganda and what makes the programme extra special is that everybody who builds a water filter will receive a picture showing  it in the hands of the people who actually need it.

On the day the team at Canon helped to make more than 40 water filters proving their sense of social responsibility as well as their corporate commitment to each other.

Commenting on the event David said: “This is the second time that Canon have worked with us on our Waterworks Program. They first took part in it back in November of last year with a really small number of people for a client event. It was such a success that they decided they wanted to bring it to their People Leaders event, and the feedback from the day was absolutely phenomenal. The session itself was incredibly emotive, particularly when people realised that just by working together for an hour they could take part in something that can truly save people’s lives.

“It showed that as leaders, they are a truly people-led organisation with a global responsibility. As ever we are so grateful to Canon for allowing us to be a part of their journey and for helping with our Waterworks Programme. The support they have shown to us really means the world.”

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