How will Events look in 2023? ?


Events have undergone some major changes since 2020. The effects of the pandemic have had a huge impact on the events industry and businesses have had to change their status quo due to employee attitudes to hybrid working.

We’ve been looking at trend’s events businesses should be expecting in 2023. As more people begin to come into the office and travel returning, we’ll be even more ready to attend events in person—but conferences and events have and will continue to look different in 2023.

  • Event venues will use technology to facilitate employers working in different locations.

This year a lot of our clients have requested hybrid events. As many of our clients are global, it has made sense to be able to remotely dial in various teams to events from different locations, saving costs on expenses while still bringing the whole team together. Event venues are now much more tech savvy and equipped to facilitate this and now it’s much easier for people to interact with one another from different locations and spaces. Allowing each participant to feel as though they were right there in person.

Since 2020 we have been working with our clients on virtual events such as custom made tv shows, our virtual mosaic activity and our virtual Christmas Parties. We continue to strive to involve the whole team and bring everyone together as best we can. We recently worked with our clients at Merck on their event in Philadelphia, as their colleagues remotely joined the Give a Hand programme in London and Boston. It’s exciting to see this change in the dynamic of events, meaning that more people can join in the fun from around the globe!

Give a Hand, Philadelphia

  • Event Professionals will focus on CSR.

Events not only bring people together for a whole host of different reasons, but they also play a huge part in the global economy. Whether it’s a concert, a conference, or a small corporate event, they are responsible for millions of pounds worth of income. With the rise in companies becoming more sustainable and CSR being the buzzword of 2022, we are all becoming more aware of protecting the environment and doing our bit for society.

Our Give a Hand and Water Works programmes are hugely challenging and rewarding team-building experiences that proves our attitude and our determination to tackle problems can make a positive, life-changing difference to the future of those less fortunate.

  • Virtual event platforms will become more sophisticated.

Virtual event platforms will become more sophisticated for event professionals. As the industry matures, the platforms themselves will become smarter, with better features and more capabilities. These platforms will continue to add more features such as being able to recognise attendees so that your content can be tailored to each one individually. They will also become more interactive, such as live polling but also using AI-powered technology such as chatbots and smart agents to interact with attendees during sessions and give them information they need while they’re attending an event instead of requiring them to go back-and-forth between their phones! In addition to being interactive, these new generation solutions should make it easier for attendees who want something extra out of their experience.

We tailer our virtual events around your company, providing interactive fun, polls, and competitions, as well as continuing to develop our platforms to incorporate and include attendees as much as possible.

  • There will be a resurgence of in-person events.

As technology develops as such a fast rate, event professionals will be looking for a way to connect with each other that doesn’t involve their smartphone. Events and Meetings magazine have stated that “The in-person events market is set for its strongest year ever in 2023.”

There is nothing we love more than our in-person events and keynote speaking! We hope that whatever event you are thinking of planning that we can help tailer to your needs. Find out more about our keynote speaking and LightBulb team building programmes today.

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