David Leads UK Finance On Give A Hand Team-Building Exercise


David was delighted to join the team from UK Finance at a recent event organised by DRPG Hosting.

As the collective voice for the banking and finance industry UK Finance represents more than 300 firms across the sector. It works on behalf of its members to promote a safe, transparent and innovative banking and finance industry.

David was emcee for the event in London where he also delivered a keynote speech and led the team on our Give A Hand exercise. As he was involved with the event at an early stage in its planning process David was able to finely tune the content – thinking about the overall event narrative and themes, to make sure that that the audience were kept engaged and stimulated throughout.

By working together the team at UK Finance built 45 life-changing clinical prosthetics on the day. These hands are then donated, for free all across the world, in their company’s name, and they help individuals to have the independence that we all take for granted – they help teachers to write on blackboards again and parents to feed and clothe their children.

Each newly-built hand is accompanied with a personal message from the maker that stays with it until it reaches the patient in need. These hands last for between 7-11 years and the exercise is an amazing way for an organisation to come together to have a global impact.

The task isn’t easy as the participants are using genuine, legitimate clinical tools but as daunting as the challenge was the UK Finance team rose to the challenge, coming together in a collaborative fashion to meet their goals.

David explained: “It was a really inspirational experience for everybody who took part because they got to build these life-changing prosthetic hands. They worked together, they communicated, they collaborated, they overcame the obstacles and as a result they’ve built these prosthetic hands that will really make an impact on people’s lives.

“The Give A Hand exercise is always an incredibly powerful session and very emotional for many of the people involved. You can almost see the energy in the room change when we tell them what they are going to be doing and the difference it will make.”

He added: “It’s always a pleasure to work with our friends at DRPG Hosting and this event for UK Finance was no different. Anytime I emcee an event it is my job to make sure that the entire event runs on message, that it is on point, that people are excited about the content and to bring that real sense of momentum to the overall agenda. The team at UK Finance were an absolute delight and a pleasure to deal with and I hope they got as much out of the experience as we did.

“We’re so passionate about our Give A Hand programme and are incredibly thankful to UK Finance for supporting us with it. We look forward to working with them again in the future.”

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