Incorporate inspiring team building activities to achieve your Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Sustainability is a key factor for organisations to consider, alongside the initiatives that can be carried out is sustainable team building.

Sustainable development goals, crafted, created and adopted by the United Nations provide a “shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet”. These goals are set with the intention of positively protecting present and future generations (United Nations).

Unique for their purpose of driving an urgent call to action in both developed and developing countries, the 17 goals aim to end poverty and improve health and education, reducing inequality and building economies, all while addressing the global, stressing issue of climate change, endeavouring to safeguard our oceans and forests.

But why is this important to business?

Businesses, big or small, play an integral role in our society, impacting not just our people, but our communities, environment and economy as a whole. Looking at the bigger picture, the larger an economy, the more impact that country can have on a broader scale. So, it’s important that using business for the greater good should be at the core of business development and culture, and thus, implementing a CSR strategy, a vital part of this strategy is CSR team building.

Corporate Social Responsibility Unwrapped

CSR: the idea that corporations have a responsibility to the society that exists around them by conducting itself in a socially responsible manner, to positively impact the world (Harvard Business Review). CSR depends on an organisation’s goals but can consist of initiatives and strategies all the while, building a team culture. It’s a win-win!

There are four main types of CSR: environmental, ethical, philanthropic and economic responsibility, and under this umbrella also falls inclusion, diversity, governance, employee engagement and well-being. So really what this means is that in order to generate sales and drive profits, businesspeople are expected to carve a well-rounded workplace. What’s more, a company which is seen to actively engage in CSR team building activities is deemed more attractive to potential investors and future employees, which at the end of the day both help to increase profits and drive growth. CSR team activity emphasises that there is more to a company than generating profits, but to measure its social, environmental and sustainability impact as well. A quick way to remember this is to think about the ‘3Ps’- people, planet, profit.

So, where does this leave us? Moulding your team into one which works cohesively will aid overall business growth. This is why team building is a vital part of workplace culture. But why not combine this with activities saturated in CSR initiatives, helping employees see the bigger picture outside of profits, deadlines KPIs.

There is an abundance of ways in which businesses can use their business for the greater good, inspiring its employees in the process. Lightbulb Teams’ activities are an excellent way to help workplaces heighten their CSR and company values.

Give a hand’- grant someone back their independence

Lightbulb’s ‘Give a Hand’ prosthetic hand team building activity is hugely challenging and rewarding, and proves that resilience and determination to tackle problems can result in positive, life-changing differences, helping to improve the futures of those less fortunate across the globe. Splitting into teams, self-build prosthetic hand kits are provided to each group. In the allocated time, participants build a prosthetic hand from scratch which will then be fitted to a recipient in a developing country who has lost a limb.

Employees of a company which has a motivation to make a profound difference, ultimately will experience a sense of satisfaction and purpose, which in the long run increases employee loyalty.

Why not invest in your people and the future of the people across the globe?

Water Works’ wonders

Close your eyes and imagine a life without water. Difficult, right? Millions across the globe have little to no access to clean, drinking water. So, what can your business do about that? The water filter team building exercise, gives your employees the opportunity to directly help citizens across the world with water filtration systems that can change the lives of many for years to come.

Leave your employees with the memories of a powerful and life-changing CSR team building experience. No matter how big or small your corporation is, granting employees the chance to save lives of those living in less economically developed countries, less fortunate than us is highly inspiring, thus fuelling employee drive, motivation and creativity.

Give the gift of a ‘Toy for Life

Not everyone can spread joy at Christmas or birthdays by gifting a child a new toy and not everyone is lucky enough to receive a toy at Christmas or birthdays. As a business, why not give the gift of a toy for life to young, less fortunate kids across the world?

Building the handmade toy is the the perfect charity team building exercise, working together as a team to problem solve, coordinate and strategise to successfully reach the end goal; all key skills to thrive in the workplace.

Bringing the power of play, let alone returning a lost feeling of joy to kids in need across Uganda, Cambodia and India grants employees a deep sense of satisfaction and well-being, both of which are vital for staff engagement.

Sustainability is a real need that organisations need to focus on, amongst the initiatives that can be carried out is sustainable team building.

The activities discussed, in addition to facing the usual CSR team building activities emphasises the importance of SDGs and their application to achieve a sustainable company.

Unique to Lightbulb Teams, get in touch for more information on our compelling team building activities to help drive your company’s CSR.

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