How to connect your team to Global Impact with the Water Works programme


The Lightbulb Teams Waterworks programme is a charity team-building programme pioneered by David Meade that enables ordinary people across the world to get involved in building and donating a life-changing water filtration system to a community in need across the world.

Global impact refers to the far-reaching consequences or effects that an event, action, or development has on countries and regions around the world. This blog aims to illustrate how the Waterworks programme connects your team to global impact. The six main ways are ‘Fostering Empathy and Awareness’, ‘Building Global Connections’, ‘Enhancing Team Cohesion’, ‘Skill Development’, ‘Providing a Sense of Purpose’, and ‘Inspiring Continuous Involvement’.

Fostering Empathy and Awareness

Engaging in a charity team building programme focused on building water filtration systems for those in need significantly benefits team members by deepening their understanding of the global water crisis and the challenges faced by communities lacking access to clean water. This encourages empathy and cultivates a sense of global responsibility, as team members witness firsthand the critical need for safe drinking water and the profound impact it has on health, education, and economic stability.

Building Global Connections

The Waterworks programme facilitates meaningful human connections by enabling participating teams to make a tangible impact on communities worldwide. For instance, through the Waterworks programme, the LinkedIn team in Dublin directly changed the lives of recipients in Uganda.

This direct involvement fosters a deep sense of connection and purpose among team members as they see the immediate and positive effects of their efforts on people’s lives. By engaging in such impactful activities, participants experience the joy and fulfilment that comes from contributing to the well-being of others. This human connection transcends geographical boundaries, creating a sense of global solidarity and shared humanity.

Enhancing Team Cohesion

Working together on a charity team building programme like the Waterworks programme greatly enhances team cohesion. Collaborating towards a common, altruistic goal which extends beyond the office or day-to-day strengthens relationships as it fosters a sense of shared purpose and unity. When team members work together on initiatives that have a broader global impact, like building a water filtration system for those in need across the world, they experience a deeper connection through shared values and collective achievement. This kind of collaboration breaks down traditional workplace barriers, encouraging open communication, mutual respect, and empathy.

Partaking in the charity team building programme, like the Waterworks programme, also encourages participants to improve their teamwork skills, as they are tasked with a completely new type of challenge. This novel context pushes team members out of their comfort zones, requiring them to adapt, collaborate, and leverage each other’s strengths in unique ways. Engaging in such activities fosters creative problem-solving, enhances communication, and builds a stronger sense of trust and interdependence. As participants work together to achieve a common goal with real-world impact, they develop a greater appreciation for diverse perspectives and a deeper understanding of each other’s capabilities, ultimately leading to more effective and cohesive teamwork both within and outside the office.

Skill Development

By partaking in a new challenge with global impact, such as the Waterworks team-building programme, participants can develop new skills. The process of building the water filtration system requires project management, communication, problem solving and leadership skills. This requires many participants to take on responsibilities and tasks that may not be part of their individual workplace role. Therefore, by working to achieve a positive outcome for those in need in a distant country, participants will learn new invaluable skills along the way. These skills can be beneficial in their professional roles and personal growth.

Providing a Sense of Purpose

Participating in a charity team programme that has a tangible, positive impact on the lives of others provides a deep sense of purpose and fulfilment. In the Waterworks programme, participants work together to help build water filters that can save lives of individuals and entire communities in the developing world. This can boost morale and job satisfaction among team members, knowing their efforts contribute to saving lives and improving communities. Engaging in altruistic activities offers a powerful reminder of the broader significance of their work, reinforcing a sense of pride and accomplishment. As one Lightbulb Teams participant noted after their Waterworks team building experience in Miami: ‘(it was) Extremely humbling and a great reminder of how fortunate we are, and we don’t even realise it.’ This sense of purpose can translate into heightened motivation and a positive outlook, fostering a more engaged and committed workforce. Additionally, the shared experience of making a meaningful difference can strengthen bonds among team members, creating a more supportive and cohesive work environment.

Inspiring Continuous Involvement

Successful participation in a charity team-building programme, like those offered by Lightbulb Teams,inspire ongoing involvement in social and charitable causes. Team members may be motivated to continue contributing to global impact initiatives, both individually and as a team or organisation. This initial exposure to altruistic efforts can ignite a lasting passion for making a difference, encouraging employees to seek out and engage in similar opportunities. As they experience the rewarding outcomes of their contributions, they are likely to develop a sustained commitment to social and charitable responsibility. This ongoing involvement not only benefits the causes they support but also reinforces a culture of giving and community within the organisation. Such a culture can lead to increased employee engagement, retention, and a positive corporate reputation, ultimately creating a cycle of continuous impact and personal fulfilment.

How to start your team’s journey to global connection

At Lightbulb Teams, we match our clients’ requirements by delivering corporate events tailored to suit their event plans. Our key CSR team-building programmes are: the Waterworks programme, Give a Hand programme and the Toy for Life programme. All of the team-building sessions are adaptable and can be conducted in-person, via a hybrid model, or in full remote mode.

Each session includes interactive activities designed to push participants out of their comfort zones, ensuring they laugh and learn throughout the experience. Our passion lies in creating truly memorable experiences for all involved, fostering team cohesion and personal growth.

To start your team’s journey, with the Water Works programme, get in touch with a member of our programmes team. We look forward to making a meaningful impact with your organisation.

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