25 Water Filters Built at PCMA


We were delighted to attend the latest PCMA annual conference, in Copenhagen to deliver our life-changing Water Works programme.


PCMA Copenhagen | David Meade | Lightbulb Teams
David Meade, Lightbulb Teams founder at PCMA

As an organisation PCMA (Professional Conference Managers Association) brings together all of the highest performing conference and event planners from across the world – from both corporates and associations, as well as event agencies and event producers, to focus on future goals and ambitions.

David Meade, Lightbulb Teams founder was delighted to once again host the event, held in Copenhagen’s Bella Centre! The event saw some 700 people, from more than 40 countries, gathered together to participate in this landmark event.

At its annual conference PCMA amasses some of the world’s most inspiring and challenging speakers to talk to the audience, not only to help them understand how the future of industry looks but how they can actually help to craft, drive and shape it.

As host David’s job is to provide energy, clarity, context and impact, as without a professional emcee a large scale event can easily lose its narrative thread and its sense of why the people are there. Year after year PCMA have trusted David to bring his world-class approach to moderating and facilitating events such as this. His high octane delivery helps keep the audience focused and energised throughout, which in turn makes the task of the speakers that little bit easier and ensures their messages landed with momentum.

PCMA participate in Water Works

PCMA has always operated on the understanding that while they want to be known for doing good work they also want to make a good and positive impact. In the past they have built prosthetic arms and provided for food shelters – this year they decided to partner with Lightbulb Teams on our Water Works programme to help provide safe drinking water for those in need.

By working together as one, the team managed to make a staggering 25 filters – enough to provide fresh, clean water for a whole village, benefitting thousands of people.

Speaking after the event David said:

“As an organisation PCMA are constantly trying to raise the bar and for that reason I’m incredibly flattered to have been asked to host this event for the last four years. To have them take part in our team build exercises means so much to myself and everyone at Lightbulb Teams.

“PCMA are always purpose driven – they don’t just say it, they live it with their actions. The team are so keen to make a difference and make an impact on the lives of people they’ve never even met and they really excelled themselves during the Water Works challenge.

“Once again we had a truly wonderful time and we’re very excited to partner with them again in the future.”

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