Meet our Lightbulb Teams Facilitators ?


This week Natalie and Chloe travelled to idyllic Wales with one of our Lightbulb Facilitators, Aaron, as he kicked off a 2-day conference for a client. This got us thinking about how eclectic our Facilitators are, and how each one brings a bit of their own personality and background knowledge to each event.


A day in Celtic Manor, Wales ???????

Aaron started with a keynote on mindset, which led perfectly into our Lightbulb Teams ‘Give a Hand’ session. He brought fun and engaging energy to the keynote, which tied in with the company’s mission and values. After Aaron’s thought provoking and interactive session, he introduced our team building ‘Give a Hand’ programme in which participants were tasked with constructing a prosthetic hand from scratch that will be later fitted to a recipient, in a developing country that has lost a limb.

Thank you to everyone involved, we had a fantastic day as you ran towards our ‘Give a Hand’ activity and worked together to successfully complete the challenge!


Lightbulb Teams have a range of highly skilled facilitators, who have worked with us throughout the years, and trained by David.

Natalie and Chloe have had the privilege to assist our Facilitators at events and each one brings their own personality to the day! Back in September, they attended the BTA Conference in Belfast with our lovely Facilitator Eithne. Eithne was perfectly suited to host the day, with a background in Tourism and her own side business Mourne Food Adventures. Eithne’s experience kept the crowd entertained, as she presented last that day, before the guys took part in building life-saving water filters, as part of our ‘WaterWorks’ activity. Have a look at the water filters, they have now been distributed to recipients in Uganda.

All the Lightbulb Facilitators have their own personal approach and ability to guide your team building experience. Each one brings with them a wealth of experience from various industries including travel, law, and customer relations. Whether you are looking for someone ‘fun’ and ‘engaging’ or ‘thought provoking’ and ‘leadership focused’, we can help co-author your event in line with your strategy and goals to make your team building session an unforgettable experience.

Watch this space and keep an eye on our socials as we will be interviewing all our brilliant Lightbulb Facilitators, giving you an insight into their background experience and personalities, as well as some light-hearted fun!

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