LightBulb Teams: A Glass Half Full


When we moved into our gorgeous new office in Holywood, we wanted to make it as sustainable as possible, and keep within Lightbulb Teams CSR values. We are mindful of how we run the business, evaluating our programmes to make them as sustainable as possible, and taking responsibility on issues from human rights to the environment.

As we are constantly evolving and thinking of new programmes and ideas to help others in the developing world, we realised there was something else we could help with right in front of us. Each day the team were buying water from plastic bottles, and after a bit of research we found the game changer that is…canned water! (and yes it tastes nice and looks cool).

Did you know in 2019, only 7% of plastic was recycled! The more plastic we make, the more ends up in our forests, oceans and even our stomachs. Recycling plastic is clearly not working, so we were delighted to find a company that produces canned water!

Imagine if everyone made this tiny change, then every drink can that we recycle will reduce the carbon footprint of the next.


Recycled cans use 95% less energy to produce than new cans. Now think of all the things you could do with that power..

·      A FOUR-HOUR NETFLIX BINGE. (Out of hours, obviously)



Lightbulb moments are exactly why we love getting into the office and working together. As a team we are passionate about helping those less fortunate, while also bringing you fun team building programmes, where you make a difference to people across the world that you haven’t even met yet.

We have fun and collaborative Lightbulb team building programmes available for you, that can be tailored to suit your team and working environment. One of which is our Water Works team building experience.

The Water Works programme enables companies across the world to get involved in building and donating a life-changing water filtration system that can save the lives of an entire community. Your team will never forget that they have built lifesaving water systems for people in desperate need on the other side of the world. To be able to see how a one-hour team building experience can help to save the lives of people in developing countries shows how powerful it can be when we work together to create a better life for those less fortunate.

In August a few of the Lightbulb Team travelled to Uganda and were able to see first-hand how these filters change the lives of the recipients, delivering over 80 clean water filters each day. We were overwhelmed with gratitude for our amazing clients, who have helped build the water filters. We simply could not do this without you and a special thanks to our wonderful friends at LinkedIn and Merck, who took part in building the filters ahead of our trip.

We were blown away by the recipient’s faith, kindness, resilience and passion for their families and the community. Many families have suffered illnesses including typhoid, cholera and even loss of life from stagnant puddles in which they take the water to drink and cook with.

Seeing the extent of this drove home to us how easily this can be avoided by providing clean water filters! Our clients build, make, create, and construct these vital clean water filters that change the lives of those they haven’t even met yet.

Lightbulb Teams want to continue to make changes to help others, no matter how small it may seem. Instead of the usual team building activity such as paintballing why not try something different with your team and help make a lifechanging difference to people’s lives together!

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