GSK ‘Give A Hand’ at Orange Day


At the core of global biopharma company GSK is a purpose to unite science, technology and talent to get ahead of disease together.

It aims to positively impact the health of 2.5 billion people by the end of 2030!

WREF (workplace, real estate & facilities) in GSK, is a global function with approximately 200 internal staff – supported by a network of over 2,000 contract staff around the world. WREF’s portfolio includes 265 sites, across 74 countries, including; Research & Development labs; manufacturing and logistics facilities; and commercial offices – equating to £1.4billion of annual spend.

GSK’s Team Engagement Event

Its ‘Orange Day‘ team engagement event in Pennsylvania brought together some of the senior estate team who are responsible for managing, investing maintaining and developing the entire global footprint of physical properties inside GSK, from Indianapolis to India, London to Luxembourg. This team make sure that the spaces and places at GSK work and are fit for purpose in a post-pandemic world.

David and the Lightbulb Team were therefore delighted to join GSK at their office to deliver the Give A Hand team building programme. For this initiative, teams work together to overcome challenges in order to create real clinical, prosthetic hands which are then donated in their company’s name to individuals all across the world. The end product allows recipients to feed themselves, clothe themselves, work or go to school, and it is truly live-changing.

David explained:

“The WREF team are always thinking about how life can work better for their people and for that reason the Give A Hand programme was perfect for them and there was no better way to reflect the great work the GSK estates team are doing than by having them join us on this journey.”


“At Lightbulb we hugely value this partnership with GSK in helping out on the GAH Programme and have previously teamed up with them on their other philanthropic giveback team-builds like the Water Works programme and many more.

Huge thanks go to Stacey, Mindy, Craig and Carlos for all of their hard work in pulling this event together. In doing so they have made a huge contribution to people in need and we are very grateful.”

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