The Life Saving impact of the Water Works water filter team building Programme: Building teams while changing lives


Discover the life-saving impact of the Water Works, the water filter team building Programme by Lightbulb Teams:

Building teams and changing lives

At Lightbulb Teams, we have a clear purpose: to create meaningful change in the world by delivering impactful team building experiences through charity team building exercises.

Our CSR focused, immersive team building events are delivered worldwide with powerful impact that extends beyond the boardroom.

We offer programmes that are designed to educate and inspire businesses and organisations, and we are proud to be part of a network of corporations working together to create a massive impact in global communities.

The Water Works programme aims to inspire and benefit people from across the globe, it is a unique charity team building programme that changes lives, one session at a time. The programme not only encourages charity team building but also incorporates CSR team building activities into your people development programme, having a huge benefit on your team bonding experience. Donating a life-changing water filtration system can save the lives of an entire community.

Lightbulb Teams put empathy and emotional intelligence at the heart of these water filter team building sessions, having delivered over 500 Water Filters so far throughout 2024. It’s important to consider the impact these filters will have on the communities and individuals who will be using them across the globe.

Water Works has a profound impact not only on the people for whom they supply clean drinking water but on the teams and organisations who take part within our Water Works session.

If you are interested in taking part in our Water Works session with your business or organisation we would love to hear from you. If you would like to hear more about what’s involved, how these sessions are formed or simply getting more information on how the programme works please contact us here.

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