Discover the positive impact of Prosthetic Hand Team Building with Lightbulb’s Give A Hand experience!


Studies have shown that engaging in acts of kindness and interactions of helping others are associated with enhanced feelings of well-being, thus impacting upon our mental health and overall happiness. Helping those in need can also help bolster our support networks too and motivate us to be more active in assisting others, subsequently boosting our self-esteem and individual feel-good factor.

However, in the midst of busy lifestyles and work life, it can be easy to forget about things outside of our everyday perspective. We can become siloed in our day-to-day activities and in doing so, we have less connection with others, decreasing our chances of uncovering that sense of fulfilment and satisfaction knowing we’ve made a positive impact on someone or something.

Lightbulb Teams recognises the positive impact that corporations and businesses can have on the wider community, near and far, and therefore encourages teams to get involved in programmes such as the “Give a Hand” experience. This is a prosthetic hand, team building programme which helps employees feel a deep sense of fulfilment, satisfaction and gratitude, all of which leave teams feeling refreshed and remotivated knowing that they have made a positive impact on the underprivileged and those facing hardship. Granting employees with the opportunity to take part in something which has a positive wider social impact is proven to boost productivity, employee engagement, morale, increased team collaboration, communication and personal development, all necessary traits which team building exercises like the Give a Hand experience aim to achieve.

Lightbulb Teams creates programmes that “educate, engage and inspire”, and which make a real difference. Each programme is “designed to inspire change in the lives of individuals and communities”. Programmes like Lightbulb Team’s prosthetic hand team building activity will empower employees to go above and beyond, fostering purposeful change through team building activities which prioritise social responsibility and sustainable development..

What exactly is the Give a Hand Programme?

Lightbulb’s prosthetic hand team building challenge, the ‘Give a Hand’ programme is a hugely challenging, yet rewarding team building experience that proves the human attitude and determination to tackle problems can make a positive, life-changing difference to the futures of those less fortunate. It is an excellent team building session which stands out as a truly innovative workshop, as it not only results with a physical, life-changing object, but it is tailored to each team’s individual needs and missions, which really make the team building programme unique, motivational and engaging. Each team receives a self-build prosthetic hand kit, which groups construct from scratch and send to our charity partners that are based across the globe. These hands are fitted to children or adults in developing countries who have lost limbs.

Brian McAreavey, Managing Director of PWC praised the Give a Hand programme as “fantastic” and largely “impactful”, highlighting that PWC participants were “gal-vanished”. Elaborating on the experience, Mr. McAreavey said, “The organisation of the Prosthetic Hand Team Building activity by Lightbulb Teams was so powerful and matched the PWC theme of collaboration and connecting our people in the way we had hoped”. Additionally, Ray Hutchinson, Managing Director of Gilbert-Ash recognised that “the Give a Hand programme matched the Gilbert-Ash purpose of wanting to innovate, collaborate and be determined, all of which were required. It was incredible”.

The prosthetic hand team building experience unlocks a positive impact upon its participants because it brings legacy, purpose and impact to life in a tangible way. By engaging in this unique and innovative activity, teams are able to confront challenges directly, gain a greater appreciation for things they typically take for granted, enhance their sense of collaboration, and renew their purpose and determination to overcome setbacks. These experiences are essential for creating a successful workplace. Charity team-building programmes like the Lightbulb Teams’ ‘Give a Hand’ initiative leave a lasting impact on employees due to the personal touches involved. Each prosthetic hand is not only built by hand but also includes a personal message to the recipient before being sent directly to a developing country. The ‘Give a Hand’ programme is designed to enhance employee satisfaction through meaningful and impactful experiences.

The Lightbulb Teams initiatives, like the Give a Hand, WaterWorks and Toy for Life programmes, create a meaningful, lasting and positive impact, both within organisations and in the lives of those most in need. Parallel to this, Lightbulb Teams’ powerful ability to build authentic and deep connections within teams has a majorly positive impact on the morale and motivations of employees in a workplace.

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