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Teams from Philadelphia, Boston and London took part in Lightbulb Teams’ corporate team building experience, as part of the Merck Neuroscience Retreat.

Lightbulb Teams facilitated the event with 60 people attending in-person in Philadelphia, 20 in London and 10 in Boston.

At Lightbulb Teams we specialise in bringing globally dispersed teams together. Not just for the purpose of having a meeting, but to truly learn, engage and stretch their expectations of what they think they can achieve.

We work with a wide range of organisations who incorporate team building exercises as an opportunity to vision-cast, setting plans for the next quarter or next financial year, and to motivate their teams in a purposeful, meaningful and impactful way; this event for Merck was no different.

LightbulbTeams - Corporate Team Building -Merck NeuroscienceRetreat
Merck – Neuroscience Retreat ft. Lightbulb Team’s ‘Give A Hand’ Programme

As a company, together with its colleagues, customers and stakeholders, Merck’s products use science to have an impact on life and health. Merck offers one of the broadest portfolios in the industry for scientists, best-in-class products for pharmaceutical development and manufacturing, and a fully integrated service organisation to support Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO) and contract testing across traditional and novel modalities.

The Merck group employs over 27,000 individuals. Investing in their people and the growth of their teams is paramount to the organisation, allowing them to achieve the recognition and growth they have established during recent years. The power of their people is the driving factor which helps Merck continue to redefine the industry.

Merck have a vision where innovative products, services and digital offerings help create solutions for people globally, shaping a sustainable future for generations to come.

The company has worked with Lightbulb Teams for many years on our countless charity give-back programmes, including prosthetic hands, water filters and many others.

For this particular event, the Lightbulb Team designed, delivered and co-ordinated a multi-city virtual and hybrid event linking the three cities in a truly unforgettable experience where teams got together to build life-changing prosthetic devices that will be donated in their company’s name to needy individuals all across the world.

Merck – Neuroscience Retreat

As a leading-edge pharma company, Merck is truly purpose-driven in everything it does. They are entirely patient-centric and always looking for ways to improve and innovate. It is constantly striving to improve the lives of patients both in the developed world, but also the developing world; so the Give A Hand programme was the perfect vehicle to bring that ethos alive.

By working together, across borders, virtually and in the room, almost 30 lives were changed with the creation of 29 prosthetic hands. These hands will now provide independence and a freedom that the rest of us take for granted.

At Lightbulb Teams we are extremely grateful to Merck for their continued partnership and particularly to Dan Zwilling for working so hard on bringing this event all together. We’re really excited to see not only the impact these hands have on patients, but the impact that the corporate team building session has had on the teams at Merck.

We are excited to continue partnering with this incredible organisation and see where their inspiration takes them next!

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